What are cat fences?

And why do you need one? Most domestic cats have a strong desire to be outside, enjoying fresh air, sunshine and the natural environment. However, they can readily escape from any yard with a conventional fence. This subjects them to the dangers of the street: They can be lost; hit by cars; attacked by other animals; or picked up by animal control.

There IS A Solution

The AFFORDABLE CAT FENCE provides effective and humane cat containment by turning your yard into a secure enclosure. Rather than causing pain to your pets through electric fences or collars, our cat fence is a barrier of netting supported by heavy-gauge steel stanchions (unlike the wire brackets of the Cat Fence-In product) which attach to your existing fence. The barrier angles into your yard providing an overhang which cats will not climb. There is also a vertical component inhibiting the entry of feral cats and other animals from outside your yard.

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